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An inverter is an essential link in the system of solar panels, cabling and the fuse box. Once the panels absorb sunlight and enough startup voltage runs to the inverter, will they come into force. The function of the inverter is converting direct current to alternating current. It is important that the inverter takes into account different matters such as the AC power keep in sync with the flow of the net. It is also important that the inverter regulates the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).


The ultimate goal of an inverter is generating as much energy as possible from the solar panels and transform it into AC power for the electricity grid, in other words the purpose of the inverter is achieving maximum efficiency.

The converter also has a safety function. When the net comes in the field outside the tolerances of voltage or frequency, then the inverter shut off direct.

We have chosen the SolaX Power X1. This inverter has a WIFI connection and you can easily see how much solar energy he brings in one day.


1 blue line up to 20% solar energy (UV).
2 blue lines up to 40% solar energy (UV).
3 blue lines up to 60% solar energy (UV).
4 blue lines up to 80% solar energy (UV).
5 blue lines up to 100% solar energy (UV).

Technische specificatie SolaX X1

Do you life in the "Kunuku" and not powered by the WEB, then you will need solar panels with batteries, a Off-Grid System.


For this system a different kind of inverter is needed.

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